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Exhibition – Humanity and our Home

Welcome to our first exhibition. We will take you on a journey of emotions with this our inaugural exhibition. From the beauty of nature to the hardship of life. The happiness and joy of life will also shine through. You will see the creativity and the ingenuity of humanity. You will see the purity of our precious children, you will feel the power and heart in men and the beauty, courage, and dedication in women. Our desire in putting this collection together is to bring you a pictorial story of everyday human life over the years. 

We have chosen from many styles of Art.  From the Classical to the Photographic and placed them together in story lines so that you, the viewer, can feel, as well as see, the story being told by the artists. We want to speak to the everyday viewer and hope to give you the gift of seeing through the Artists eyes and in some cases even to identify with the story that is being told in its simplicity through its static image.  

We have especially chosen images that we feel have captured the soul of the subject with the intention of taking you, the men, and women of this great earth on an inner journey showing that we are all part the one human family. The exhibition will finish with a small sample of Art from Gold Coast artists.