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We are a group of men and women from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We have come together after realizing the need to present a body of Art that speaks the language of the heart, and we do this for your enjoyment and inspiration in this Virtual Gallery – thepeoplesartgallery.world. Due to copywrite, we are limited in our ability to feature many pieces that speak the language of the heart. This will not stop our vision; this is just a statement of fact. This site is run by volunteers. This gallery is educational. No monetary arrangements have been entered in to. We call for submissions of images of art from around the world for this gallery as this is truly The Peoples Art Gallery. We especially call out to Artists and Sculptors to submit their Art. All submissions will be adjudicated by the men and women of our group who are intuitive, and heart centered, before consideration for The Peoples Art Gallery. We are truly at the Dawning of the Golden Age